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Looperos, amantes de los buenos videos......

Alrededor del mundo señores!!!!!

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  1. y despues ROBOT ROCK AL PALO CARETAS!!!!!!!!! Long live tha loop!

  2. pfff que facil soy que cual automata sin voluntad fui e inmediatamente puse around the world y robot rock AL RECONTRAPALO

  3. Bancá que me clavo un rivotril con ananá fizz y arranco.

  4. Solitaria: esoooooo!!!
    B: que facilongo sos, por eso me gustas tontito.
    Mariano: sale un Rivaldo, caña legui y gofio!!!!!! enderezamos la nave y partimos!!!!!

  5. Sabias que...

    "Michel Gondry's music video for the song features robots walking around in a circle on a platform (which represents a vinyl record), tall athletes (as described by Gondry) wearing tracksuits with small prosthetic heads walking up and down stairs, women dressed like synchronized swimmers (described by Gondry as "disco girls") moving up and down another set of stairs, skeletons dancing in the center of the "record," and mummies dancing in time with the song's drum pattern.

    This is meant to be a visual representation of the song; each element in the video represents a different instrument. According to Gondry's notes, the androids represent the singing robot voice; the physicality and small-minded rapidity of the athletes symbolizes the ascending/descending bass guitar; the femininity of the disco girls represents the high-pitched keyboard; the "itchy" skeletons serve for the guitars; the mummies represent the drum machine."

  6. Juanimon sos el mejor tira-postas del mundo
    te quiero hasta el cielo


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